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Below is some great Home Data and Statistics to help buyers and sellers get informed
about the local housing market.  Click the links to see the easy to read charts and graphs
for the Denver Metro Area.  Although these stats are good indicators, consider there are
several markets even within the Denver area that can be sub-divided by city, county and
even the value of the homes within the same subdivision .  Example... there is a much
shorter listing period or balanced market (equal number of buyers and sellers) for a
home listed at 150k compared to 1 million, even within the same area.  This could result
in an inventory of 60 days for the 150k home and an inventory of 2 years or even more
for a million dollar home.  

This should be reflected in the list and sold prices.  Most sellers will discount properties to
sell within a reasonable amount of time based on available inventory and market turn-
over. See
Monthly summary including sales by price range for actual inventory turn-
over data.

Home Data as of December 2011 PDF Format

Home Data per county as of December 2011 PDF Format
Housing Trends and Home Research for Adams County  includes (Westminster and Thornton)  
Housing Trends and Home Research for the City and County of Broomfield.  
Housing Trends and Home Research for Jefferson County includes (Arvada and Westminster)
Housing Trends and Home Research for All 10 Counties of the Denver Metro Area.

Want to know more about Colorado general market conditions
and mortgage rates?  See these articles below.

Real Estate Market Overview For Colorado     

Here is summary of expected interest rates for this year.

Colorado Division of Housing Looks at This Market January 20, 2012.

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