In 1985, he and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, purchasing a small 2-office real estate company. Brad
earned a reputation as one of the nation's most dynamic and effective real estate broker/owners by growing his
company to 16 offices, with over 1,000 licensees in the very competitive Phoenix market. His company, Prudential
Mull-Smith Realtors, was consistently listed in Real Trends Top 100 Companies in the country, and was an annual
recipient of Prudential's prestigious Gibraltar Circle Award.

After selling his Phoenix operations, Brad became Chairman and CEO of Prudential Preferred Properties, and
continued to lead this company in its Arizona real estate dominance, until a family decision was made to move to
Denver in 2001.

After 20+ years in real estate management and ownership, Brad knew that there had to be a better way to run a
real estate company. "As the real estate business evolved it became apparent to me that the current system was
broken," says Smith. "Technology has made the traditional way of operating a real estate company obsolete. The
traditional real estate brokerage companies have become slaves to the exorbitant expense of their huge office
buildings and outdated systems. The beauty of our unique high tech space sharing system, and cost effective
one-location processing center, is that by getting rid of the uncontrolled waste, we are able to pass these savings
on to our associate brokers. This allows our brokers to enjoy the absolute highest compensation in the industry,
and still be affiliated with a full service, supportive brokerage firm. Truly the best of both worlds."

In 1980, she was hired and transferred to Denver as a general manager of over 850,000 square feet of office
space. Linda opened her own commercial real estate company in 1985, called Miller & Associates. Shortly
thereafter, she opened a residential office in Parker, Colorado. Miller had offices in Parker, Elizabeth, and
Franktown. Linda later sold Miller & Associates to Frontier Better Homes & Gardens, at which it appeared
retirement was close at hand.

"That was when Brad Smith approached me as to opening another real estate office," Linda says. "The immediate
reply was 'No, Thank you.' The reason for the instant answer was because I knew the traditional office was not
working today - it was no longer a win-win for anyone. However, after further investigation, I realized that this
was a plan that would work for everyone concerned. It had already taken hold in Phoenix, Southern California,
and Florida. It has a proven track record! Our plan is simple, effective, and the answer to what I believe the real
estate community has been asking for. We invite you to come on 'Home', visit our office, and see for yourself how
'keeping it simple' is the key and principle we adhere to."
Brad Smith Home Real Estate
Meet Our Management Team

Brad Smith
is the Broker/Owner and founder of Home Real Estate. Since 1975,
Brad has been a top selling agent, award winning sales manager, high-growth
broker/owner, and Chairman and CEO of Prudential Preferred Properties.  
Brad Smith started his Real Estate career in 1975, becoming a top selling real estate
agent and award winning sales manager in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Linda Miller, a managing partner at Home Real Estate, has been in the business
since the mid-1970's. She has managed over 1500 residential units, over 850,000
square feet of office space, and 3 residential broker offices.
In the mid 1970's, Linda Miller began her career in real estate in the property
management arena. She was a district manager over 1,500 residential units in
Houston, Texas.
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