The Most Important Thing In Real Estate
Introduction by Brian Shaver

My career in real estate started 25 years ago as a residential appraiser mostly
because I liked a few books on the subject of RE investing.  I thought hmmm... fun job
and a lot of time away from an office environment this could have potential.  Plucking
away at the learning curve I received a bachelors of science degree in finance,
emphasising in RE.  As it turns out this industry is a great mix of getting out meeting
people and spending time in my home office with just a computer.  Over the last few
years I've become fascinated with web sites and online marketing.  I spend a lot time
learning about digital marketing and technology within the industry, probably more than
anything else short of time with my family.  We've all been told if you do something you
really enjoy it's like you never have to go to work at all.

Looking back 25 years I've always been around homes.  I've determined values,
cleaned, polished, planted, marketed them, built just about anything, and sold them for 8
years now.  I don't know if I've ever really had a favorite part of the real estate industry.  
My opinion has changed several times.  Right now I'd have to say technology and
marketing is my favorite.  It's fascinating to learn why people decide to call me for a real
estate transaction or look at a property I'm selling.  It seems you can greatly control how
many people will stumble on your listings or phone number, but after that you have to be
a genuine asset.  
I guess that's probably the most important thing in real estate,
being a real and genuine person.
It certainly seems at least equal to having
experience and knowledge.

If your looking to find a Colorado home I specialize in Westminster, Broomfield and
Thornton.  I lived here for 30 plus years and know most every neighborhood from the
Flatirons Mall to Hwy 85. I've worked and learned about Colorado homes for over 25
years. One person at a time I try to make every transaction as enjoyable and effortless
as possible for client or customer.  Five years from now I want to say I established myself
as an expert on Real Estate technology and marketing.  If you have any questions as a
broker, webmaster, home buyer or seller please let me know and I'll share what I can.  
Todays agent has become part of a field of very diverse talents and must continue to
learn. There is more to know than one person ever could. Even todays tech-savvy agent
has a long way to go in keeping up with this industry.  I look forward to chatting with as
many of you as I can.  

Specializing in online marketing of homes for quicker sales and maximum net sales price.  
Brian Shaver has a Bachelors of Science in Finance emphasizing in Real Estate (Metro
Denver). Is an expert in residential valuation and has represented buyers and sellers
Since 2005.  Ask how to receive a complimentary Free Virtual Tour by listing your home
with Brian.  Online home tours by Front Range Virtual Tours.  Search current MLS
listings from my
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